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Batteries, Lighting, & Electrical


At Resource Purchasing & Supply, we carry a full line of electrical components and supplies to help you get the job done.  So whether it’s a repair, upgrade or new rig up Resource will have what it takes.  Come check out our LED work lights, light bars, & truck lighting.  We also carry the wire, cable, relays & switches that will make it all work.   

Need to get the job done right? We have the tools and equipment you are looking for

Our range of lighting supplies is comprehensive and includes the following:


Seal Beams

Mini Bulbs

Equipment Lighting

Relays & Fuses

Trouble Lights

Truck Lighting

Work Station Lights 

Flash Lights

Strobe Lights 


Truck Lights 

Equipment Work Lights 

Back Up Lights 

Head Lights 

Conversion Bulbs 

Mini Bulbs

Light Bars

Trouble Lights 

Cordless Work Lights

Warning Lights & Light Bars 



Switches & Relays 

Fuses & Circuit Breakers 

Wire & Cable 

Shrink Tube

Tie Straps 

Loom & Loom Clamps 

Truck Light Boxes 


Extension Cords 

Battery & Battery Cables

Battery Chargers & Boosters 

Battery Load Testers 

Cab Fans & Heaters 

Junction Boxes 

Back-Up Alarms 

24V to 12V Converters 

Trailer Plugs 

12V to 110V Power Supplies 


Resource Purchasing & Supply provides the lighting and electrical supplies you need, whether it’s lighting for your truck, or gauges and instruments, our products from these premiere suppliers address every electrical and lighting need that may arise. You can trust these world-renowned suppliers with all your delicate electrical work.

-Truck Lighting     -Work Lights     -Mini Bulbs & Seal Beams       -Warning Lights 

-Automotive Terminals     -Electrical Wire     -Shrink Tube     -Plugs     -Terminal Tools 

-Electrical Kits     

-Truck Lighting     -Trailer Plugs& Cords     -Shrink Tube     -Tie Straps     -LED Lighting

-Automotive Fuses     -Fuse Holders

Cole Hersee
-Automotive: Fuses, Switches, Relays, Plugs, Solenoids, & Terminal Bars 

Stewart Warner
-Gauges & Instruments     -Senders & Sensors     -Pressure Switches     -Hobbs Lights

-Hour Meters 

-Work Lights     -Truck & Trailer Lighting     -Warning Lights     -LED Products    

 -Mini Bulbs & Seal Beams 


-Battery Chargers     -Jump Starters     -Battery Packs 


-Mini Bulbs     -Head Light Bulbs     -High Specialty Output Bulbs

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