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For a New Project or a Repair we will have what you need to hold it all together.  

At Resource we carry a full line of high quality Fasteners, Latched, Catches, and more.  If you need something a little hard to find, come and check out our large selection of Standard and Metric products.

Need to get the job done right? We have the tools and equipment you are looking for


Grade 8 coarse thread

Grade 8 fine thread
Grade 5 coarse thread

Grade 10.9 metric
Stainless steel nuts bolts and washers

Socket head
Cap screws

Coarse thread
Socket head cap screws
Fine thread
Socket head
Cap screws
Flange bolts and nuts

Drill-X Screws 

Elevator Bolts

Machine Screws

Deck Screws

Wood Screws

Lag Bolts 

Plow Bolts

Dome Head Scraper Blade Bolts

Shaker Screen Bolts

Ready Rod

Structural Bolts 

Coupling Nuts 

Lock Nuts

Jam Nuts

Stover L9 Nuts

Eye Bolts

Lifting Eye Bolts & Nuts

POP Rivets 

Cotter Pins

Spring Pins

Latches & Catches

Frost Plug - Metric & Standard 

Snap Rings

Specialty Fasteners


At Resource, we offer quality fasteners to our customers from top brands such as:

-Nuts and bolts   -Screws     -Clips    -Pins    -Threaded rod     -Stainless steel fasteners               

-Rivets   -Lock nuts   - Metric    -Cotter pins    -Kits  

-Nuts and bolts     -Structural bolts    -Metric   -Dome head scraper bolts

- Shaker screen bolts    -Galvanized products    -Studs

-Nuts & Washers     -Threaded Rod     -Lock Nuts     -Frost Pins     -Cotter Pins

-Snap Rings     -L9 Products    

-Nuts & Bolts     -Socket Head      -Metric     -Rivets 

-Pop Rivets     -Riv Nuts - Metric & Standard      -Thread Inserts      -Installation Tools 

-U-Bolts      -Pins     -Clips    -Springs     -Snap Hooks     -Chain Links     -Snap Rings

-Clevis Pins     -Key Stock     -Machine Bushings      -Steel Rings

If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, contact us. We can help you.

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