Resource Purchasing & Supply: Fasteners and More

When it comes to a job well done, you need the proper supplies to put your project together. Without fasteners, welding, and more, your project is in pieces. Get a precise fit and strong product with supplies from Resource Purchasing & Supply. We have a large variety of materials for any project, any size. Contact us to get started putting together your project!

Need to get the job done right? We have the tools and equipment you are looking for

Our range of fasteners and other accessories is comprehensive and includes the following:

Fasteners (Metric & Standard)

Nuts & Bolts

Socket Head Cap Screws

Machine Screws

Decking Screws

Pop Rivets

Lag Bolts

Plow Bolts

Flange Bolts

Dome Head Scraper Blade Bolts

Shaker Screen Bolts

Ready Rod

Cotter Pins

Spring Pins

Drill-X Screws

Coupling Nuts

Jam Nuts

Lock Nuts (Nylock & Stover)

Latches & Catches

Specialty Fasteners


Grinding Discs & Wheels

Chop Saw Wheels

Carbide Burns

Mounted Points

Flap Wheels


Wire Wheels

Cup Brushes

Emery Paper

Welding Supplies

ARCTEC Welding Rods

Welding Masks & Goggles

Cutting Torches


Soap Stone & Holders

Stingers & Ground Clamps

Welding Cable


Tiger Torches




Get a perfect, precise fit with equipment from these leading manufacturers. Durable and hardy, these materials will keep your project together no matter what Mother Nature or the harshest, most frequent use can throw at them. Check out the following brands and their websites.

Morse® Cutting Tools
-Drill Bits
-Taps & Dies
-Lathe Tools

JET® Tools & Equipment
-Drill Bits
-Wire Brushes

Fein Tools
-Cutting Tools
-Power Tools & Equipment

Task® Tools
-Saw Blades
-Cutting Tools
-Hand Tools

Felton Brushes
-Wire Wheels
-Cup Brushes
-Bead Brushes
-Hand Brushes
-Tube Brushes

Artec Alloys
-Welding Rods
-Welding Wire
-Gouging Rods
-Special Purpose Rods

Fibre Metal
-Welding Helmets
-Welding Lenses

-Nuts & Bolts
-Stainless Steel Fasteners
-Threaded Rod

Helicoil/Pop Rivit
-Thread Inserts

Brighton & Best
-Large Stover Nuts
-Sockethead Bolts
-Metric Bolts
-Nuts & Bolts

Dynaline Industries
-Hitch Pins
-Snap Hooks
-Chain Links
-Snap Rings


Vanguard Steel

Taipan Canada

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