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From the day we opened the doors in 1992, Resource Purchasing & Supply had one goal; to fill the specific need of the customer.  Along the way we find ourselves with a number of products that don't fit into any specific category but seem to be what people need.  Whatever the industry; Logging, Farming, Trucking, Contracting, or any of the many sectors of the Oil Patch, these products could be what you are looking for.  

Need to get the job done right? We have the tools and equipment you are looking for

Check out our list of items, we may have something for you.  


Buncher & Mulcher Teeth

Harvester Saw Bars & Chains

Saw Chain Repair Tools 

Ice Lugs & Grouser Bar 

Carbide Grader Picks

Grader Adapter Boards

Fire Fighting Tools & Equipment 

Survey Ribbon

Laser Levels, Rods, and Tripods

Builders Levels 

Survey Vests

Scorpion Control Handles & Parts 


Mud Flaps & Hangers 

Light Boxes 

Tire Chains & Parts 

Tire Chain Hangers 

Wiper Blades


Hitches & Implement Jacks 

Winch Bars

Fifth Wheel Tools 

Log Books 

Wheel Chocks 

Air Brake Fittings & Tubing

Weld on Tie Downs 

Dock Bumpers 

Log Wrappers  


Cat Tarp

Fan Belts, 


Roller Chain


Floor Matting 

Sheet Rubber 

Sheet Rubber 

Weather Strip 

Latches & Weld on Hinges

Lifting Slings 

Tie Downs  

Gas Springs & Hardware 

Sump Pumps 

Portable Heaters 

Exhaust Tubing & Clamps 

Oil Drain Pans




Your livelihood depends upon the quality of equipment and tools you use. That’s why at Resource Purchasing & Supply, we carefully select the manufacturers whose inventory we carry on our shelves. Our partnership with them allows us to provide you with durable and dependable supplies at reasonable prices.

-Web Slings    -Tow Ropes    -Ratchet Straps Rope

-Felling Head Teeth     -Mulcher Teeth


-Harvester Chains 404 & 3/4 Pitch     -Harvester Bars    -Saw Sharpening & Repair Tools 

-Saw Chain Repair Parts 

-Trailer Hitches, Balls, & Receivers      -Mud Flaps     -Chock Blocks 

-Hitch Pins, U-bolts, Hooks, & Turnbuckles     -Hitch Pins, Quick Links, & Snap Hooks 

Star Fabrications
-Light Boxes     -Tire Chain Hangers     -Log Lights     -Ear Light Boxes & Tubes 


-Knives & Putty Knives     -Scrapers & Spreaders      -Paint Application & Stirring Tools 

-Drywall Tools 


-Drill Bits     -Reamers     -Taps & Dies     -Annular Cutters 

-Windshield Wiper Blades


-Specialty Drive Line     -Brake     -Steering & Suspension Tools 


-Gas Springs     -Handles & Hinges     -Weather Strip & Chop Blocks     -Anti Skid Tape  


-Fire Fighting Tools     -Rigging Hardware     -Cable Clamps & Cable     

-Shackles, Chain Hooks & Chain    -Rigging & Cargo Control Hardware   

-Material Handling Products 


-Industrial V-Belts     -Pulleys 


-Harvester Chain      -Harvester Accessories 

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