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Supplies to

Get the Job Done 


Stocking All the Supplies You Need.  It’s the little things that make the difference. Get the supplies you need to complete your work seamlessly at Resource Purchasing & Supply. We carry everything from tape to garbage bags to cleaning products to glues and sealants—literally everything you could ever need to keep your business going. You won’t ever need to work with anyone else!

Need to get the job done right? We have the tools and equipment you are looking for

Our range of supplies is comprehensive and includes the following:


Paper Products

Rags & Shop Towels 

Weather Strip

Ice Melt 

Flashlights & Batteries

Garbage Bags & Cans

Tarps & Tarp Straps

Bins Boxes

Snow Fence & Posts

Sign Posts 

Floor Dry

Gasket Paper

Jute Bags

Tape (Various Types)

Zip Ties

Jerry Cans


Foil Bubble Wrap 

Sandblasting Sand 

Rubber Runner Mat

Coffee Supplies 

Roller Chain

Laundry Soap

Gravel Guard 

Mouse Traps 

Other Misc. Supplies


Pressure Washer Soap


Cleaning Products

Hand Cleaners

Glues, Sealants & Adhesives

Windshield Washer

Thread Sealants

Thread Lubes

Bug Spray

Bearing & Thread Locks

Lubes & Penetrants



Cutting Oil

Starting Fluid

Gasline Antifreeze

Fuel Conditioner

Methyl Hydrate

Air Brake Antifreeze


Many Other Products


Our supplies are provided by a number of top brands who have each earned their own reputation for excellence in the industry. Please explore our product offerings further below.

-Thread Sealants     -Thread Lubes     -Anti-Seize     -Sealants     -Performance Lubes 

LPS® Laboratories
-Lubricants & Penetrants     -Degreasers     -Greases     -Cutting Fluid     -Coatings   

-Electronic Cleaners 

STP® Products
-Cleaning & Detailing Products     -Automotive Additives & Fluids 

Armor All®
-Cleaners, Waxes, & Detailing Products 

Mothers® Polishes –Waxes – Cleaners
-Automotive Polishes, Cleaners & Detailing Products     -Automotive Interior Protectant

-Application & Polishing Tools & Products 

-Adhesives & Sealants     Cleaners & Degreasers     -Gasket Maker & Glue     

-Thread Lockers & Thread Sealants     -Specialized Maintenance & Repair Items 

-Thread Lockers & Sealants      -Adhesives & Sealants

CRC Canada
-Brakleen     -Cleaners & Degreasers      -Coatings      -Lubricants      -Cutting Oils    

-Electronic Cleaners 

-Fuel & Oil Additives     -Cleaners     -Starting Fluid     -Rad Stop Leak     -Airbrake Antifreeze

-Fuel & Oil Additives     -Rad Stop Leak    -Lubricants 

Lucas Oil Products
-Fuel & Oil Additives     -Two Cycle Oil      -Grease

-Fuel Additives     -Anti Freeze      -Air Brake Anti Freeze     -Windshield Wash    -Solvents

-Kerosene     -Diesel Fuel Exhaust Fluid 

3M Canada
-Adhesives     -Cleaners     -Abrasives

Joe’s Hand Cleaner
-Hand Cleaner & Dispensers 

-Citrol Cleaner/Degreaser

NYPower Industries
-Industrial Degreasers     -Automotive Cleaners     -Janitorial Cleaners

-Automotive Spray Paint & Coatings      -Rust Tough Rust Paint     -Primers     -Marking Paint


-Lubricants    -Cleaners & Degreasers     -Electrical Contact Cleaners    

- Welding Splatter & Crack Check Products 


RB Williams
-Rags & Shop Towels     -Paper Products     -Cleaners     -Janitorial Supply   

-Spill Control Products     -Recycle Programs  

-Paper Towel     -Shop Towels & Dispensers     -Toilet Paper     -Wet Wipes     

-Disposable Gloves


-Fuel & Engine Additives      -Bug Remover

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