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For a job well done, proper hand tools and equipment are essential. Not only do they need to be durable and rugged, but also they need to be precise and safe. Resource Purchasing & Supply carries a wide variety of tools, equipment, parts, and lifting/material handling equipment. Your one-stop shop, we have everything you need to tackle the toughest jobs! Contact us today to discuss all your hand tool needs.

Need to get the job done right? We have the tools and equipment you are looking for

Our range of hand tools is comprehensive and includes the following:


Wrenches & Sets

Sockets & Sets

Hammers (Various Types)

Punches & Chisels

Drills, Tapes, Dies & Reamers

Easy Outs

Saw Blades


Specialty & Testing Tools

Butane Torches

Tool Boxes & Chests

Pipe Wrenches

Screw & Drill Drivers

Pliers & Cutters

Electrical Pliers, Crimpers, Cutters

Crow Bars, Shovels & Picks

Axes & Saws

Hydraulic & Mechanical Jacks

Creepers & Carts


Power Tools

Air Tools

Trouble & Flashlights

Brooms, Squeegees, Mops & Brushes

Hammer Wrenches

Various Other Tools


Drill Presses

Band Saws & Chop Saws

Floor Jacks & Jack Stands

Chain Hoists

Air Compressors

Lubrication Equipment

Parts Washers

Shop Vacs

Hot & Cold Water Washers

…Guns, Wands & Parts for Above

Porta Powers

Wheel Dollies

Drain Pans

Battery Chargers

Fuel Pumps & Nozzles


Water Pumps

Equipment Parts

Grader Blades

Carbide Picks

Grader Adaptor Boards

Ice Lugs & Grouser Bar

Lifting/Material Handling

Nylon Lifting Slings

Round Slings

Nylon Load Straps

Ratchet Straps

Chain & Boomers

Cable & Clamps

Clips, Pins & Links

Load Strap Winches

Tow Ropes & Straps

Lifting Eyes

Turn Bucklers

These brands are world renowned for their precision and durability. If you need hand tools, be it air tools or power tools, they carry practically everything you could ever need for the toughest jobs. Whether it’s a ladder to reach those high locations or material handling equipment, Resource Purchasing & Supply carries the brands you need to handle any job.

JET® Tools & Equipment

-Hand Tools
-Shop Equipment
-Air Tools

ITC® Tools
-Hand Tools
-Power Tools
-Shop Equipment

-Shop Equipment

Omega Compressors
-Air Compressors
-Air Dryers

Sturdy Ladder

Filrite Pumps
-Bulk Fuel & Oil Pumps
-Fuel Nozzles

Gray Tools
-Hand Tools
-Pry Bars

SPX Power Team/OTC®
-Pullers & Hand & Hydraulics
-Lifting Tools
-Specialty Tools

-Shop Vacuums

Reed Manufacturing
-Pipe Wrenches
-Pipe Threading Tools
-Plastic Pipe Tools
-Strap Wrenches

Task® Tools
-Hand Tools
-Saw Blades

Irwin® Tools
-Vice Grip

Alemite Lubrication
-Grease Guns
-Grease Fittings
-Bunk Oil Pumps
-Grease Pumps
-Hose Reels

Lincoln Lubrication
-Grease Guns
-Grease Fittings
-Bulk Oil Pumps
-Grease Pumps
-Hose Reels

OLFA® Cutting Tools


Spectra Precision Lasers
-Construction Lasers
-Builders Lasers

-Gasoline Containers
-Diesel Fuel Container
-Water Containers
-Molded Plastics

Goodyear® Engineered Products
-Automotive Belts
-Radiator Hose
-Heater Hose

Jason Industrial Inc.®
-Power Transmission Belts
-Industrial V Belts

Ancra International LLC
-Ratchet Straps
-Load Straps
-Lifting Slings
-Transport Chain

Dynaline Industries
-Drain Pans
-Grease Tools

Milwaukee Power Tools®

BE Pressure

Tiger Tool

Taipan Canada

Vanguard Steel

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